Northwinds Homeschool Band Uniforms & Dress Code

2017 —2018 School Year

Uniform Fee

Students new to the program will pay a one time $60 uniform fee. Thereafter, as they grow, a larger uniform will be provided as long as they turn in the outgrown uniform in in good condition and thoroughly cleaned (consider using fabric deodorizer, such as Fabreze if needed, and extra stain treatment/bleach on the inside of white shirt collars.)


Uniform Size Checks

We order new uniforms early in the year for the new students. Before we order, we would like to pass down any out-grown uniforms. Please check all existing uniforms to see if larger sizes are needed.  If your students do need new uniform parts, please turn in the old part, along with the uniform request form ASAP.


Concert Dress

Girls — Black Northwinds concert formal, black hose, black close toe dress shoes, with a low to medium heal. Hair pulled back and off the neck with unobtrusive hair clip or tie. No jewelry or make up.

Boys — Northwinds tux coat (Advanced only), white tux shirt, black bow tie, tux pants, cummerbund, black socks, black dress shoes.