Northwinds Homeschool Band Behavior Standards

2017 —2018 School Year


Student Behavior Standard

We expect students to behave in a respectful manner and uphold these standards during all band events,

including rehearsals, concerts, festivals, and waiting.

  •  Be respectful to adults, peers and property.
  • Use Mr. and Ms. when addressing an adult.
  •  Raise a hand before speaking in a group situation.
  • No running, roughhousing, horse play, or inappropriate touch.  Keep your hands to yourself.
  • No romantic physical displays of affection at band events.
  • No going to the bathroom or getting drinks during rehearsals (except for emergencies). Parents, please train your beginners to take care of this before rehearsal.
  • No name-calling, harsh teasing, or any verbal abuse toward others.
  • No eating or chewing gum during rehearsals.
  • Compliance with dress code.
  • Wear specified dress for concerts.