Northwinds Homeschool Band Beginning Band Information

2017 —2018 School Year


Beginning Band

Beginning band will start with orientation on Monday, September 25th at 3:30 pm. At the orientation, parents will be given all necessary information on band, and will have a chance to get their questions answered. New students will have a chance to listen to demonstrations of all the instruments, be guided in instrument selection, and instrument acquisition issues will be discussed. Just as in team sports, where everyone can’t be the pitcher or the quarterback or the goalie, so in band, if we only have saxophones, trumpets and drums, band won’t work very well. Please encourage new members to come with an open mind regarding instrument selection. Band is a team sport!


If you have any kids who will be starting band this year, please e-mail me back, their name, gender, DOB, reading grade level, music background, orthodontic prognosis, and likely instrument preferences (without forcing them to a decision if they haven’t made up their mind yet).


Also, if you have kids that are starting band, the best way to recruit is to invite their homeschool friends! Feel free to send this info their parents.